Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Article on Measles outbreak

Ok, so many of you have heard about Measles outbreaks across the nation. I have read several articles on the topic, and they are rediculously biased. Not that I am surprised as it is the media. Anyway ALL of the articles make a coment about nearly half of those with measles did not get the immunization. read that again and slower... NEARLY half. Which means that MORE than half of those with the measles DID get the shot, yet STILL got the measles and are spreading it. Yet the tone of the articles are on the irrisponsibilities of parents that do not vaccinate. It kills me how the media can still twist the facts of a story by using specific wording to make it sound like they are right.

Each parent is right in whatever they decide to do regarding vaccines. I would never tell someone that it's wrong to vaccinate. The only thing that I believe to be wrong is making blind parenting choices based on what one is "supposed" to do. Again I say, Parent with purpose!!!


Sara Beth Roberts said...

I was talking to my pediatrician today at Sawyer's 1 year, and he told me something that you might find interesting in regards to your post. He said that vaccinations only really work as "herd immunization," meaning that every child in the community would have to have the shot for it to work, or else you are not as protected from the virus. This is why kids still get chickenpocks, even if they have had the shot--because some kids do and some kids don't. So, like you said, more than 1/2 of the kids with the measles were vaccinated, and if what he said was true, then it makes a little more sense. Maybe if it only works in "herd immunization" then we should all pass? At least that is a few less tears at the doctor....:)

Krista said...

The articles did say something to that affect. I like your way of thinking! :) Virginia only has a 1% rate of exemption so the "herd" should still be protected! :)

Sara Beth Roberts said...

It is odd to compare our kids to cattle...perhaps sheep is better!:) Either way, they are a little "herdish" when the congrigate around me in the kitchen when I am trying to make dinner...but that is another post!