Friday, August 8, 2008

Adventures in Diapering

So, it is always interesting to see what I will find in a restroom when I go to change Faith's diaper. Many of you moms can sympathize. Katie, I have no clue how you do it with twins, more power to you sister girl!!!! Well, I had such a...well.....hmm.... yeah.....ummm... experience in a restaurant bathroom, that I thought I would share.

I will start this all by saying that I started the evening out with switching to a new diaper bag....something that should have been simple...though had I remembered the bottom pocket that held the wipes I wouldn't be telling this story.

So, Faith had used her potty (had a BM) that morning so I pretty much knew I was clear for the evening just having to deal with wet diapers if that. We got to the restaurant and Faith started fussing. I figured she was wet so I went to the bathroom to change her diaper....only find out there wasn't a changing station, nor a place to use as one. Normally I would put the pad on the floor, but it was a 2 person bathroom and someone was using one of the stalls. So...I waited until they left. Then I had the brilliant idea to put my bag in the sink and cover it with the pad to make somewhat of a flat surface. it worked okay, but Faith wasn't thrilled as it was a corner sink so VERY cramped. So I take her diaper off and notice there is a little bit of poop that I needed to clean up....wipes...where are my wipes...I just need one wipe....CRAP they're at home. I guess I'll use TP. So I pick Faith up and walk over and take care of that then walk back to the makeshift changing station. As you know I practice EC which teaches them to wait for the cue to eliminate, Well.....the way I was carrying her is pretty much the same position that I hold her in over the potty....and I made the mistake of saying "potty" which triggered a Pavlov's response. guessed it. She peed on my new bag, the counter, the floor and my leg. All this time she is crying and Mike's family is waiting at the table for me as our dinners had been delivered. So....then I had to clean up her pee while holding her and not dropping anything (including her) on the ground... It was quite comical. I was laughing pretty much the whole time. can bet I will try and never forget the wipes again. :)


Brookey said...

I'm really sad that I wasn't there to see this! =)

Scottie said...
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Scottie said...

I love it! I mean,I'm sorry and all, but HILARIOUS!!
I can just picture it, like some type of sitcom =)
At least you know the EC is really taking!!