Sunday, August 24, 2008


I witness a consistently disturbing practice every day. It happens in every city in every state, and in many more countries than just ours. It isn't gross. It's not unlawful. But to me it is very disturbing. That is parenting by chance not purpose.

Too many people become parents and choose not to train or discipline their children. Fits no longer bring on discipline, but equal reward. Parents yell and scream at their children instead of providing correction and direction. There are no longer consequences for bad behavior. I fear for society more and more with each generation of whiners that is created. I fear what is to come as disciplne is now shunned in our society and children are being given what they want, and parents have no follow through with their discipline tactics.

It's time to bring back the paddles and switches if you ask me. Allow teachers to discipline, and parents to spank. It never did the past generations any harm.

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Brookey said...

I AGREE!!!!! It's like you were reading my mind. People are raising a generation of spoiled rotten children. Children who do what they want when they want, and throw fits to get what they want. AND IT WORKS!!!! Makes me sick.