Sunday, October 5, 2008

Faith- 4 months

Well, I am sorry that I havn't been very good about sending pics of Faith. I get so distracted by how amazingly cute she is. Every day I am more amazed by Gods creation and how such a little person could affect me in such big ways.

We just finished two wonderful weeks with Grandma & Papa (too short if you ask me) and a quick visit from Ashley (also too short). Papa & Grandma were out for my dads 60th. This was the first time I was able to spend a lot of time with them as I am not working. Well, I am working harder than I ever have before, but you know what I mean.

Okay so Faith has rolled over a few times in her crib. The little stinker of course waits until we are not in the room to do so, but she does it none the less. At her 4 mo appt she measured 25" long and 11lbs 13oz. Long and lean, can't argue with that! Her toes and tongue are her favorite body parts right now and she is able to spend more and more time each day entertaining herself, but her favorite place to hang out is in the sling that Aunt Kathy gave me (thank you so much!!! It's been a real life (and time) saver.

She becomes more aware of the world around her with every passing day. Shadow is a new interest. Just this past week she has started watching her. Shadow is very cute with her and constantly lays next to her, and walks into her room to "Check" on her when she's chillin in the crib. If Faith is crying and I am in another room Shadow will run into the room and get my attention then turn around and lead me to wherever she is crying. I am still not comfortable with leaving her in the room alone with Faith. She's a great dog, but she's still a dog so we're pretty careful about that.

She is "talking" so much. Mike was home with her while I worked at the Opera house last night and said he was teaching her how to roar and she mimicked. If I could just get him to use the video camera!

Well, I know all you really want to see is pics. She is the cutest girl in the world by looks and spirit.

I attached one, but to avoid using all your email storage space here's a link to the rest of our pics.

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