Thursday, March 27, 2008

Faith's Room

Well, I have been working on her room little by little since December. My dear friend Amy Million helped me paint on January 2nd which was really the catylist for completing it so soon. her room was the junk room...I took before pictures, but they aren't pretty, so they will be kept under lock and key until and undisclosed date in the future....probably my death! :)

There are still somethings that I need to do (as you can see by the bags and pillows next to the IKEA shelf). I'd like to get those cute wood letters that spell out her name and paint them with some lime green and pink and purple and then hang them from the wall over her crib with ribbon. We also need to do something about the carpet, but that takes money ... and tearing apart her newly finished room!! :)so we'll just have to wait on that one.

I have a baby shower this weekend with all of my wonderful friends from Virginia...and then my church is actually throwing me one on April 19th. Which I think is so awesome because we just became members last week. We've been going there for 1 year, but wanted to make sure that is where God wanted us before we made the final decision.

So, I can't wait to see how her room looks after all is said and done. We are so anxious to meet her, and care for her. The task of parenthood that is before us becomes more real everyday. It seems so silly, but purchasing the changing pad was the item that pulled it all together. It's like the crib and clothes and whatnot were all just there...but the changing pad???? Now that's what makes it a baby's room. I can't wait to organize her diapers, and onsies, and all the little things to care for her health, safety...and insuring her utter cuteness. I get on little organizing spirts, so I can imagine that the clothes and supplies will change location in her room several times before they find their final resting place!

Well, I am going to try to fall asleep again. It's 3:30am here. I was REALLY tired and went to bed at 8. So hopefully we can pull in some more ZZZ's.

Hope that God is blessing you all and revealing His presence to you in the little things throughout your day! :)

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