Monday, October 1, 2007

So long Steak! Au revoir Sashimi!

So, one of the most disappointing developments is that I can't eat steak. I tried again last night at my in-laws and I just can't do it. I love steak, so this is very sad. It is partly the flavor of it, but I think the fact that I have to cook it to medium well is another factor. I like my steak med-rare to rare. Pinkish purple in the middle. So tender and juicy it just falls apart in my mouth. YUMMY!!! But, apparently pregnant women aren't supposed to eat raw meat, or fish. This means that I can't have sashimi either. This is very sad since I don't like cooked fish so my main intake of the essential omega's was through sushi and sashimi. I have to resort to supplements. Oh well...the things parents do for kids right! :) This little bugger is surely worth it. :)
Our first OB appt is tomorrow at 9:30. I'll post an ultrasound pic soon after.


Shel said...

You know, you said good bye in French to a Japanese food?

Sorry, I couldn't help myself. It's that dog-gone smart-alec in me.


Anonymous said...

I was just watching on TV that Drs. were telling prego women to eat fish. I'm not sure where it was the Today show or the news. but mostly you are supposed to stay away from Tuna because of the mercury levels. Ask your Dr. and Krista, remember its all in moderation. If you were eating a tuna sandwich everyday then there might be problems. As far as cooked fish, you just haven't had the right salmon cooked the right way. Come over and I'll make salmon and shrimp fettucine alfredo. You'll convert!!!!!