Thursday, April 30, 2009

it's been 5 months??? Where does the time go

I can not believe that it has been 5 months since I last wrote. The sure has flown. Watching Faith grow has been the most incredible experience. I could not imagine putting her in day care to spend my days in a menial job with people who truly could care less about my family. I cannot imagine leaving Faith with people who could truly care less about her well being. Not to say that all day care workers are like that. My sister was an excellent caretaker. But she also saw a lot of things that most parents don't know about. I am so thankful that God has directed Mike and I to live on one income. That he has given us the strength to give up the luxeries that we were used in exchange for the luxeries that Faith has provided.

My life is exactly where I hoped it would be at 30. I am a stay at home mom with an amazing daughter that keeps me smiling all day long. Mike (though I agreed to not talk about him on the web I think this is ok to say) is such a great dad. He loves to play with her and make her laugh. His #1 thought every day is her well being. He works so hard to make sure that we are able to raise her without the use of a sitter or day care. She adores him so much and laughs everytime he comes home from the station.

She will turn 1 year old in 21 days. She is almost walking, just needs to build the confidence to let go. She mimics talking on the phone, loves to wrestle with her toys, or tackle Jeremiah or shadow. She loves Nicolas so much. There are days when she is tired and won't crack a smile, but Nic can always make her laugh.

Wow. I just don't know how else I can sum her up but amazing. She is my happy thought when I am down. I will be better about writing. I am going to put it in my to do list so that I don't lose track of time again. Yes, for you who truly know me, I am actually getting organized! =)

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