Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Kicking & Hiccuping, & Moving & Grooving!

(Picture: I thought I would share my latest Baby shower cake that I created for my good friend Scottie. Her Daughter Lucy is due the end of Feb/beginning of March)

Faith has really grown and her bones have definitely hardened. I feel her all day now. It is really neat. I still feel great, and sometimes still forget that I'm even pregnant. I hit my 3rd Trimester next week. I can't believe it. Time has just flown by.

Last night Mom, Dad & Nicolas all got to feel her kick and move. She was really active and for once not shy. It was so fun for my family to finally be able to feel her. It still gives me the giggles everytime I feel her move and kick. I think she has turned and is heading the right way. Hopefully she'll stay that way.

I leave on Friday for 10 days in California. I am so excited to be able to see my family. My Grandparents are celebrating their 60th Wedding anniversary on Feb. 10th. Yes, you read that correctly. They have been married for 60 years. If you ever want to know how to make a marriage work, ask them. But... be ready to give up your self-centered desires! :) Apparently you have to want what's best for your spouse, not yourself! :) Revolutionary...I know.

My cousin Glenn has met his perfect match and is marrying Ms. Julie Ross on Sat. February 17th. She is so great. I couldn't imagine ANYONE better suited for him.

My Bro & Sis are flying in from Japan for all of the festivities too so we will get to see them! I'll also get to meet my cousin Emily's Fiance which I'm looking forward to. Aunt Kathy and cousing Beth are throwing me MY FIRST BABY SHOWER!!!!! I am so excited about it! I feel so honored that among everything that is happening that week that they are taking the time to celebrate Faith and Me (and Mike too of course, but common, what guy really wants to be honored with a baby shower!). Even though I am a pretty outgoing person (shocker , I know) I still get a little funny about being the center of EVERYONE's attention, but I am actually really looking forward to this. I guess because it's not really me that's at the center, but my Daughter, just not a visable center!

I am just so excited to be around my whole family again.

As soon as I suck it up and buy new batteries...again...for my camera I'll post a new pic. My belly still hasn't changed much though. I've only gained like 15 pounds still. It's good though. Less to take off. Not that I am really watching my weight, but I definitely am more careful about what I eat for the most part.

Until Next time....Happy Valentines Day!


Stephanie said...

So...did you decide on your business venture? Are you going to decorate cakes?

BTW, loved those pics of your cakes on Facebook. You are very talented!

Melanie said...

Sounds like a lot of fun festivities!