Thursday, January 3, 2008


Well, Faith is moving a lot. Most people always described it like butterflies. Well, I would have to describe the sensation more like gas bubbles! :) I precious right! :) But honestly, it is truly the neatest feeling. She is moving and kicking and poking constantly. Luckily she goes to sleep the same time as I do so she's not keeping me up at night at all.
On Dec 27th I had another OB appt. and brought my mom & Grandma with me. Rachel did another US so my grandma could see since she had never seen an US before. Well, Faith was so active for us, and anxious to show how healthy she is. We got to see her fingers and toes and legs, all four chambers of her heart pumping away, her perfect spine and again were able to verify that indeed she is still a girl! :)

I only have approx 18 weeks remaining until she blesses our life with her presence. I cannot wait to hold her, and am probably most excited for Mike to get to hold her. She will definitely be daddy's little girl! With the help of a friend I painted her room last night. I found the cutest boarder (shown in the picture) that will be at chair rail height with Chocolate brown paint below and Pink on the top. I hope to have all the pain finished (second & third coats as needed) by this weekend in order to move the furniture and then get the crib set up. A friend of mine gave me her crib, but unfortunately it didn't come with the hardware so we have to piece it together, take a picture, and then email it to the company for them to send us the appropriate hardware in order to complete the crib setup. So, the 18 weeks has me a bit worried, but it'll all work out.

I am so excited to have her room finished. Her closet is already starting to fill up from Christmas presents and hand-me-downs. It is so fun to look in and imagine her in all of those clothes!

Please continue to pray for us as we prepare for her arrival, and mainly that our finances will come together and allow me to be a full time mom and not have to continue working.

Thanks! Hope you all had a great Christmas & New Years!


Stephanie said...

I know what you mean about the "gas bubble" feeling. And we felt Hayley move for the first time on Christmas day!

I love the pink and chocolate brown color for the nursery...very trendy! I'm glad little Faith is strong and healthy!

Jason and Marie said...

Gas bubbles is right. Be glad she is sleeping when you do. The last 2 months McKenleigh liked to wake up about 12 and dance for a few min. and then about 6 when Jason would get up she felt it was time to wake up as well. Enjoy it, I miss it sometimes.
I love the border. Look forward to seeing pictures when it is done.