Wednesday, December 5, 2007

More Ovaltine Please!!!

Okay, so we all know the commercial, but how many people have actually HAD Ovaltine?? Me neither. In fact, I don't even know if I am spelling it right. Anyway, acid reflux/heartburn has become an everyday problem for me again. I know that if I cut out coffee it would fix it, but I've already cut out Tom's Beer, Sashimi and rare steak....I have to be able to hold onto something that I love!!!!

Anyway, we were at the Carrolls house last night (a great new family that we have become friends with as a result of Mike's change to A-shift) and I grabbed a Wendy's sandwhich on the way there (since my hunger pains are accompanied with moody outbursts) and then we ordered Pizza. I know, I know, REAL healthy Krista...Good choice! :) Well, not much time had past from finishing the pizza that I started getting Heartburn. I asked Diane for Tums or something. She had Tums & Pepto, but recommended I try her remedy. A tall glass of COLD chocolate Ovaltine. I figured, hey, if it didn't work oh well, I got a tall glass of chocolate milk. Well, it was yummy for sure. But....wait for the shock worked. Not only did it get rid of my heartburn, but it stayed away!!! That NEVER happens. I didn't even wake up last night to eat more tums.


So, now I will advise every pregnant woman to buy a thing of Ovaltine for emergency's such as this!!!


(Now after searching for a picture I at least know that I am spelling it correctly!) :)


Stephanie said...

Ovaltine! I would have never guessed that would be a cure for heartburn. Where were you when I was suffering with heartburn while pregnant!? :)

Lord willing, if another baby comes along, I will have to remember that tip!

Shel said...

Hunter LOVES Ovaltine now. He traded in chocolate milk for regular milk about six months ago when he found out that there was sugar in it (yes, my seven year old is a bit of a health nut). But when he found out that Ovaltine was chock full of vitamins.

Melanie said...

I'll pass on the Ovaltine.